just perf

Your jumpstart to performance practices with Rust on Linux

You've spent days optimising only to see the smallest gains...

Stabbing in the dark with random tweaks is not cutting it. You want to see compound interest on your efforts that will affect the rest of your team and users alike but you've spent ages finding those gains with no clear approach.

Maybe you do find some wins, but proving they are wins to others, let alone yourself, has been tricky. Learning how performance gurus analyse and reproduce performance issues feels like a guarded dark art.

Searching for information on writing performant systems brings up a dense sea of information, full of nuance and unrelated details. If you do find a a profiler or benchmarking tool to help guide you, the tool's output seems cryptic and impenetrable.

Make faster programs today

You'll go from theory to practice with concrete examples in just perf, covering a range of performance analysis and tuning practices for Rust on Linux, including,

  • Mental models for analysing and designing performant programs
  • How to use profilers and benchmarks to reproducibly identify performance issues
  • Rust specific quirks you can use to see initial speedups

It's time for an approachable guide to performance

Don't let machines running your code turn into warm paperweights.

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    About the author

    👋 Hi! I'm Ryan,

    I work professionally on performance for systems, these days mostly with Rust. Performance and scaling literature can be vast and dense, and while a lot of it is top-notch, it is also utterly daunting to newcomers. I wanted to write something comprehensive but accessible, that's why I am writing just perf.